Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind ^IfMine:

Our team includes (L to R): Danielle Hunter, Anthony Fontana, Joel Shiffler, Joe Chao, Navarr Barnier, Nick Pfundstein and Andrew Zuk.

We meet up monthly at our headquarters in Bowling Green, Ohio to discuss the future of ^IfMine.

Over the next several weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about us through an upcoming “Meet The Team” series.

Until then, you can Explore ^IfMine, sign up to be a beta tester and catch up on your blog reading:

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^IfMine News & Updates

Being a new startup, ^IfMine is constantly evolving and becoming more user-friendly. I witnessed ^IfMine’s first-steps as it was released into private beta testing and shared your feedback to help make it a better place.

^IfMine is improving with every update and I’m excited to share what’s new:

  • You’re now able to see the number of Mentors, Collaborators and Followers next to each project and on user profile pages.
  • Project URLs include entry titles and name of project creator instead of a generic entry and number.
  • There’s a new “Click to Reply” link in the comment box. (You must be logged in to comment.)
  • If you’re a Collaborator or Mentor, you can easily remove yourself from a project.
  • “Entries” on your profile page has been changed to “Projects of Mine” and for public view, “Name’s Projects” (ex: “Danielle’s Projects”).
  • You’re no longer limited to only 8 project categories. This feature has been removed.
  • The Detailed Project Description length limitation has been lifted.
  • The front page footer has been added across all pages of ^IfMine.
  • And if you have any questions about ^IfMine, please refer to our new FAQ Page. You can always email me directly at danielle (at) ifmine (dot) com.

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