The ^IfMine Mashup: Technology & The Flipped Classroom

The ^IfMine Mashup gathers together quotes from top articles about how education is changing through the assistance of technology.


A flipped or reverse classroom is a form of blended/hybrid learning which encompasses the use of educational technologies to leverage the learning in a classroom. As a result, a teacher spends more time interacting with students by using learning-based activities instead of lecturing. -Christopher Pappas

Instructors say the inverted learning design allows students to absorb the material as homework and then practice what they’ve learned in class with help from the teacher. This new style makes class time more productive for both teachers and students and increases student engagement. -Roneisha Mullen

While it seems like some brick-and-mortar institutions are listening to the way that technology is shifting the way we both teach and learn, there are far more that aren’t moving into the e-learning realm efficiently and effectively. -Mike Vardy

Technology now offers more people the opportunity to work together without geographical restraint, and businesses everywhere are expecting employees to collaborate on projects, both in face-to-face teams and in virtual teams. -Timothy Quinn

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The ^IfMine Mashup: MOOCs, Khan and Thinking Differently

Today starts a new series on the ^IfMine blog consisting of the benefits of collaboration and changing the education paradigm.

Children in Fort Smith Are Learning That Protecting the Environment Will Take More Than Awareness ..., 06/1972

MOOCs will not completely replace traditional education, just like not every course can be taught in the large-lecture format. They will, however, provide a better education to an audience that otherwise would not have access to it. -Scott Rapp

Mr. Khan advocates for a separation of universities’ teaching and credentialing roles… the playing field would be leveled between students pursuing different forms of higher education. Although students would not be graded in the imagined university he describes, they would compile a portfolio of their work and assessments from their mentors. -Alisha Azevedo

Economists study abstractions and numbers, instead of firms and people. He [Ronald Coase] doesn’t believe this can be fixed by tweaking models. An entire generation of economists must be encouraged to think differently. -Brendan Greeley

The United States education system has failed to recognize the significance of current events, and it needs a renovation. It is time to reevaluate the core concepts and standards of the system. -Matthew Resnick

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