Brainstorming Ideas: Old vs. New

In elementary school, we were taught the writing web to enhance and organize our initial ideas. We put our main idea onto a piece of paper, circle it and all the details that pop into our heads. Eventually, we end up with a sheet full of words, circles and lines.

ecoscrapbooking ebook ifmine project - web writing exampleUsing my ebook project as an example, I think we can all agree that web writing isn’t pretty.

In today’s technologically advanced world, we turn to documents and apps like ^IfMine to develop our ideas. A brainstorming session can look like this, rather than the web of words above.

At ^IfMine, ideas can Evolve over and over again and the thought process can grow as you invite others to join a project.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for ^IfMine today and allow your ideas to flourish.

The ^IfMine Mashup: Crowdsourcing

Let’s see how social media and collaboration are working together in today’s ^IfMine Mashup.


Doritos Super Bowl ad crowdsourcing allows Fashionista Daddy to strut: Doritos Super Bowl campaign has everyone’s head turning. It even has some people strutting. Over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year and many come not for the football. Read more at Successful Workplace.

Beck’s New DIY Album Spawns Social Media Collaboration: After releasing the sheet music, Beck put out an open call for people to record their interpretations of the songs — essentially crowdsourcing his own album via social media platforms. Read more at Mashable.

Crowdsourcing Government?: Times are changing and governments are beginning to adopt some of the characteristics of crowd-funding and crowdsourcing. Read more at Innovation Management.

Three Crowdsourcing Projects that are Advancing the Medical Field: Significant strides have been made towards improving medical science and making the process more efficient and transparent, all thanks to a concerned and connected global community. Read more at Daily Crowdsource.

How can you create your own collaborative project? Find out at ^IfMine.

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