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The ^IfMine Mashup: Technology & The Flipped Classroom

The ^IfMine Mashup gathers together quotes from top articles about how education is changing through the assistance of technology.


A flipped or reverse classroom is a form of blended/hybrid learning which encompasses the use of educational technologies to leverage the learning in a classroom. As a result, a teacher spends more time interacting with students by using learning-based activities instead of lecturing. -Christopher Pappas

Instructors say the inverted learning design allows students to absorb the material as homework and then practice what they’ve learned in class with help from the teacher. This new style makes class time more productive for both teachers and students and increases student engagement. -Roneisha Mullen

While it seems like some brick-and-mortar institutions are listening to the way that technology is shifting the way we both teach and learn, there are far more that aren’t moving into the e-learning realm efficiently and effectively. -Mike Vardy

Technology now offers more people the opportunity to work together without geographical restraint, and businesses everywhere are expecting employees to collaborate on projects, both in face-to-face teams and in virtual teams. -Timothy Quinn

What are your experiences with technology in education? Share your thoughts below.

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Meet The Team: Joel

JOEL: ^IfMine Profile

Title: Founder and CEO

Website: ^IfMine

Bio: I come from a large family of brothers and sisters who grew up around the University of Toledo. I went to St. Francis de Sales High School, studied pre-med at Saint Meinrad Seminary and graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Chemistry from UT. I went to the Ross University School of Medicine in the West Indies and later, had a residency out of the Detroit Medical Center. After practicing as a family physician for about 15 years, I retired to form ^IfMine, a subsidiary to National Resources Management Systems.

^IfMine Project Highlight: Doc Notes

When did you get your first computer? My first computer was after doing residency at the age of 38. However, my early computer use came in my mid-thirties during medical school where I simply looked up lab data for the hospitalized patient. After medical school came residency at the Detroit Medical Center, where I used computers for patient lab results and dictation summaries for the discharge of patients.

Describe your early experiences with the Internet: During my free time in residency, I aggressively did my own investigative research entering searches to topics with the service of over 5000 journals on an expressive program of MEDLINE. After residency, I was in private practice and used my personal computer for writing scripts as full length motion pictures and simple email correspondence.

What do you do when you’re not using tech? Most of my free time is spent having family fun with my autistic boy and four Italian Greyhounds or making my yard into a interesting natural park.

Also meet: Our Team, Danielle, Anthony & Navarr

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