The ^IfMine Mashup: Critiques

Where do you go when you need a critique? Whether you want feedback on your photography, a school report or any project you’re working on, a good critique can help you reach success.

Let’s take a closer look at critiques in today’s ^IfMine Mashup.


How to Ask Someone to Critique Your Work:  A photo critique is a detailed look at a photo or a group of photos. The person critiquing should point out what they like and don’t like about the work, and offer suggestions for improvement. Read more at Tocofi.

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How Can I Learn to Take Criticism Without Taking It Personally?:  Look at criticism as a chance to grow and get better—or even to surpass the person delivering the critique. It’s easier said than done, but knowing your strengths and being ready to hear and accept your weaknesses is the most powerful thing you can do. Read more at Lifehacker.

How to Self-Critique Your Design Projects:  Self-critique is checking on your own design, searching for flaws and other points to improve. Wikipedia defines it as “auto-critique that refers to the pointing out of things critical/important to one’s own beliefs, thoughts, actions, behaviour or results; it can form part of private, personal reflection or a group discussion”.  Read more at Naldz Graphics.

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Avoid Problem Solving For Better Critiques:  Good critique comes from mutual understanding. The primary goal of any critique should be improved understanding, specifically the improved understanding of the creators on how the design choices they’ve made so far are working to achieve or not achieve their goals.  Read more at Discussing Design.

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The ^IfMine Mashup: Crowdsourcing

Let’s see how social media and collaboration are working together in today’s ^IfMine Mashup.


Doritos Super Bowl ad crowdsourcing allows Fashionista Daddy to strut: Doritos Super Bowl campaign has everyone’s head turning. It even has some people strutting. Over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year and many come not for the football. Read more at Successful Workplace.

Beck’s New DIY Album Spawns Social Media Collaboration: After releasing the sheet music, Beck put out an open call for people to record their interpretations of the songs — essentially crowdsourcing his own album via social media platforms. Read more at Mashable.

Crowdsourcing Government?: Times are changing and governments are beginning to adopt some of the characteristics of crowd-funding and crowdsourcing. Read more at Innovation Management.

Three Crowdsourcing Projects that are Advancing the Medical Field: Significant strides have been made towards improving medical science and making the process more efficient and transparent, all thanks to a concerned and connected global community. Read more at Daily Crowdsource.

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The ^IfMine Mashup: Collaborations & Bright Futures

The future of education is changing thanks to technology and collaborative tools. Read more in this year’s first ^IfMine Mashup.

final exam

Collaborations provide stretching intellectual challenges, can enhance reputations and potential revenue streams for universities but these benefits are only available to those who are able to seize these opportunities. -Sara Jones and Stephen Clulow

We will clearly see growth in new learning apps, learning platforms and mobile learning opportunities. Much of this growth will not, in fact, lead to mobile learning. Instead, it will be more about us accepting the role of mobile devices in our daily lives and leveraging the opportunities they present. -Elliott Masie

Educational technology is a phrase that will disappear from our vernacular in the next 10 years. We will just use technology in education the same way we do in all other realms of life. It won’t need a special category. -Ben Stern

Business leaders can bring our voice to public policy debates, our business acumen to non-profits, our varied expertise to training and education programs, and our resources — from dollars to volunteerism to pro bono expertise — to local schools. We can step into classrooms in need with our heads, our hands and our hearts. -Laysha Ward

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Photo Source: dcJohn (Flickr)

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