Online Portfolio: The Project-Based Resume


Online portfolios don’t have to be limited to designers, photographers and writers who want to showcase their artistic abilities.

Teachers, DIYers, job-seekers or anyone with an idea (including you) can share thoughts and accomplishments on project management sites like ^IfMine.

By creating an online portfolio, you have the ability to keep track of your projects.

When it’s time to search for a new job, share your portfolio and show potential employers or clients what you can do rather than tell them on a resume.

Need a boost to get you started? By building an online portfolio at ^IfMine, you can:

  • Impress people with your thought process.
  • Display examples of your best work.
  • Show off your special skills.
  • Prove your professionalism when collaborating with and mentoring others.
  • Step ahead of the competition by adding value to your resume.
  • Update and evolve your projects easily.
  • Do it for free.

Get started today at ^IfMine.

Photo Source: bpsusf (Flickr)

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