The ^IfMine Mashup: Collaborations & Bright Futures

The future of education is changing thanks to technology and collaborative tools. Read more in this year’s first ^IfMine Mashup.

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Collaborations provide stretching intellectual challenges, can enhance reputations and potential revenue streams for universities but these benefits are only available to those who are able to seize these opportunities. -Sara Jones and Stephen Clulow

We will clearly see growth in new learning apps, learning platforms and mobile learning opportunities. Much of this growth will not, in fact, lead to mobile learning. Instead, it will be more about us accepting the role of mobile devices in our daily lives and leveraging the opportunities they present. -Elliott Masie

Educational technology is a phrase that will disappear from our vernacular in the next 10 years. We will just use technology in education the same way we do in all other realms of life. It won’t need a special category. -Ben Stern

Business leaders can bring our voice to public policy debates, our business acumen to non-profits, our varied expertise to training and education programs, and our resources — from dollars to volunteerism to pro bono expertise — to local schools. We can step into classrooms in need with our heads, our hands and our hearts. -Laysha Ward

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Photo Source: dcJohn (Flickr)

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