How Much Information Do You Share?

Humans have an inner desire to connect with others and the Internet makes it easy. Good things…incredible things happen when great minds align and collaborate together.

Ten years ago, much of the world was unconnected. Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist. I hesitated to share my full name online. I was simply D H.

Prison Planet

Now, I blast off status updates, have hundreds of photographs displayed around the web and openly share ideas with other people.

However, I’m not an open-book. Important life details are private and it’s a rare occasion when I publicly announce my location away from home.

According to, 90% of adults think people are sharing too much information.

Are People Sharing Too Much Online?
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How much information do you share about yourself? What do you keep private? Have you benefited from people you’ve connected with online? Let us know. Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We want to hear from you.

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