The ^IfMine Mashup: MOOCs, Khan and Thinking Differently

Today starts a new series on the ^IfMine blog consisting of the benefits of collaboration and changing the education paradigm.

Children in Fort Smith Are Learning That Protecting the Environment Will Take More Than Awareness ..., 06/1972

MOOCs will not completely replace traditional education, just like not every course can be taught in the large-lecture format. They will, however, provide a better education to an audience that otherwise would not have access to it. -Scott Rapp

Mr. Khan advocates for a separation of universities’ teaching and credentialing roles… the playing field would be leveled between students pursuing different forms of higher education. Although students would not be graded in the imagined university he describes, they would compile a portfolio of their work and assessments from their mentors. -Alisha Azevedo

Economists study abstractions and numbers, instead of firms and people. He [Ronald Coase] doesn’t believe this can be fixed by tweaking models. An entire generation of economists must be encouraged to think differently. -Brendan Greeley

The United States education system has failed to recognize the significance of current events, and it needs a renovation. It is time to reevaluate the core concepts and standards of the system. -Matthew Resnick

How would you change education? Comment below and let us know. Don’t forget to sign up for the ^IfMine Beta, where you can collaborate on ideas and create your own portfolio of work.

Photo source: The U.S. National Archives (Flickr)

10 Ways Students Can Use ^IfMine

^IfMine launched a month ago for beta testing and I already see its potential as an essential student app.

Need a way to manage your projects? ^IfMine makes it easy. Want feedback on your idea? ^IfMine will be the place to find it. Those are only two ways ^IfMine will make your life a little easier.

Below are eight more ways students can use ^IfMine:

  1. Seek professional mentorship.
  2. Network with your peers.
  3. Build an online portfolio.
  4. Start an eBook.
  5. Collaborate on school assignments.
  6. Find help for your reports.
  7. Organize volunteer efforts.
  8. Share your artwork.

Start today and sign up for ^IfMine.

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