The ^IfMine Mashup: Collaborations & Bright Futures

The future of education is changing thanks to technology and collaborative tools. Read more in this year’s first ^IfMine Mashup.

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Collaborations provide stretching intellectual challenges, can enhance reputations and potential revenue streams for universities but these benefits are only available to those who are able to seize these opportunities. -Sara Jones and Stephen Clulow

We will clearly see growth in new learning apps, learning platforms and mobile learning opportunities. Much of this growth will not, in fact, lead to mobile learning. Instead, it will be more about us accepting the role of mobile devices in our daily lives and leveraging the opportunities they present. -Elliott Masie

Educational technology is a phrase that will disappear from our vernacular in the next 10 years. We will just use technology in education the same way we do in all other realms of life. It won’t need a special category. -Ben Stern

Business leaders can bring our voice to public policy debates, our business acumen to non-profits, our varied expertise to training and education programs, and our resources — from dollars to volunteerism to pro bono expertise — to local schools. We can step into classrooms in need with our heads, our hands and our hearts. -Laysha Ward

Looking for a brighter future as well? It starts at ^IfMine.

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13 Ways to Use ^IfMine in 2013

It’s the last day of 2012 and time to prep for a new year. ^IfMine can help you reach success, network with others and organize your life.

Prediction: By this time next year, at the end of 2013, ^IfMine will be a household name. If you’re reading this today, you’re an early adopter and can be part of our initial group of users. In a year, you can tell your friends and family you were one of the first people to use ^IfMine.

And what can you do on the site? I knew you’d ask and compiled 13 ways to use ^IfMine in 2013.

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  1. Social Network: What’s on your mind? When compared to other social networks, you have the ability to say more on ^IfMine. Talk about the things that interest you, reply to comments and even Evolve your thoughts and ideas.
  2. Healthy Living: Start the year off right by compiling exercise and meal plans. Share recipes and create new ones with others. Document your life and keep track of your New Year’s resolutions.
  3. Education: If you’re an educator, create and share lesson plans or use ^IfMine for student projects. Or if you’re a student, organize your homework and seek guidance with your school work.
  4. Arts & Crafts: Put your artwork on display. Share your creative knowledge and write project tutorials.
  5. Photography: ^IfMine is your digital scrapbook. Upload photos of your projects, your family or whatever you desire.
  6. Writing: Start a book. Organize your thoughts and plans. Let others critique and edit your writing.
  7. Lists: Shopping lists, reading lists, to do lists… You get the point – make lists.
  8. Events: Are you planning an anniversary or birthday party? Do it on ^IfMine. How about a wedding? Collaborate with organizers or do it yourself.
  9. Travel: Where to go? What to see? Put your ideas down in a project, Evolve it when plans change and after you’ve reached your destination.
  10. Journal: For your eyes only – let ^IfMine be your personal diary. Write down your daily thoughts and happenings. If you’re an open-book, make it public and share your journal with the world.
  11. Volunteer Efforts: Coordinating fundraisers and events can be easier with a one-stop tool for everyone involved. Share the things you’re doing and find other people to help.
  12. Business: Use ^IfMine to document your work, collaborate on team projects or if you have the entrepreneurial spirit – start a new business.
  13. Job-Hunting: Looking for employment? Not only can you share a resume on ^IfMine, you can use it to showcase your portfolio. Let employers see what you can do, rather than just tell them.

Your projects can be public, completely private or restricted to the people you choose as Collaborators and Mentors.

Are you ready to start 2013 and make it an incredible year? Do it with ^IfMine. Click here and sign up now. It’s free and a new way to watch your life Evolve and succeed. See how other people are using ^IfMine: Explore.

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The ^IfMine Mashup: Technology & The Flipped Classroom

The ^IfMine Mashup gathers together quotes from top articles about how education is changing through the assistance of technology.


A flipped or reverse classroom is a form of blended/hybrid learning which encompasses the use of educational technologies to leverage the learning in a classroom. As a result, a teacher spends more time interacting with students by using learning-based activities instead of lecturing. -Christopher Pappas

Instructors say the inverted learning design allows students to absorb the material as homework and then practice what they’ve learned in class with help from the teacher. This new style makes class time more productive for both teachers and students and increases student engagement. -Roneisha Mullen

While it seems like some brick-and-mortar institutions are listening to the way that technology is shifting the way we both teach and learn, there are far more that aren’t moving into the e-learning realm efficiently and effectively. -Mike Vardy

Technology now offers more people the opportunity to work together without geographical restraint, and businesses everywhere are expecting employees to collaborate on projects, both in face-to-face teams and in virtual teams. -Timothy Quinn

What are your experiences with technology in education? Share your thoughts below.

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