Collaborative Education: Project-Based Learning

As an online collaboration and mentorship platform, ^IfMine provides educators a space to foster critical thinking allowing students to develop their ideas and learn important lessons about iteration.

Our site is free and functions as an open cloud platform for project-based learning and crowdsourced mentorship. We offer tools for peer collaboration, as well as assessment and professional evaluation.

Read more: ^IfMine Offers Project-Based Learning Tools for the Educational Community

What is project-based learning and how is it different from just doing projects? Take a look at this chart by Amy Mayer of friEdTechnology:

projects vs project-based learning

Are you an educator? Give us a go and integrate our project-based learning tool within your classroom. Visit ^ today.

We’re Headed to SXSW!

Austin, Texas…Here we come! We’re publicly launching ^ during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festival March 8-12, 2013. You’ll find us out on the streets of Austin, chatting with conference goers and passing out freebies.

If you’re attending, look for Brian Scavo – He’s taking over our social media for the week and wants to snap a photo of you in an ^IfMine t-shirt!

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Read more about ^IfMine’s launch in our first press release: Project Mentorship Platform ^IfMine Gears up for Website Launch at SXSW.

^IfMine in The BG News

We’ve been featured!

^IfMine in the news

An article about ^IfMine was recently published in The BG News, Bowling Green State University’s campus newspaper.

Below are a few excerpts:

“The site was built for people in all fields,” said Danielle Hunter, social media director of ^IfMine. “Basically, if you have a project in need of feedback, ^IfMine is for you.”

“This could be a great tool for students who are working on papers and projects of any kind and are looking for feedback outside of their closest circle of friends,” he [Anthony Fontana] said.

“The student wins if they see how talented they are, simply by others putting it out to them,” he [Joel Shiffler] said. “That’s where mentoring, collaboration and followers are true friends  — when they give to each other something that counts.”

Read the entire article: Website debuts in local area.

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