The ^IfMine Mashup: Crowdsourcing

Let’s see how social media and collaboration are working together in today’s ^IfMine Mashup.


Doritos Super Bowl ad crowdsourcing allows Fashionista Daddy to strut: Doritos Super Bowl campaign has everyone’s head turning. It even has some people strutting. Over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year and many come not for the football. Read more at Successful Workplace.

Beck’s New DIY Album Spawns Social Media Collaboration: After releasing the sheet music, Beck put out an open call for people to record their interpretations of the songs — essentially crowdsourcing his own album via social media platforms. Read more at Mashable.

Crowdsourcing Government?: Times are changing and governments are beginning to adopt some of the characteristics of crowd-funding and crowdsourcing. Read more at Innovation Management.

Three Crowdsourcing Projects that are Advancing the Medical Field: Significant strides have been made towards improving medical science and making the process more efficient and transparent, all thanks to a concerned and connected global community. Read more at Daily Crowdsource.

How can you create your own collaborative project? Find out at ^IfMine.

Where to Share Your Ideas

You have an idea and want to share it.

Create Your Own Light...

Where do you go? Thanks to the ever-expanding Internet, there are an assortment of outlets available for your choosing.

Twitter. This micro blogging site is a perfect tool for connecting with like-minded individuals. You get to follow your interests in live time and share your thoughts whenever you please. Although you’re limited to 140 characters per status update, it’s a way to tell the world what’s on your mind.

Facebook. Love it or hate it, this social network brings together families, friends from the past and the people most active in your life right now.There’s more room to chat on Facebook, but most people are there to relax, kill time and have fun.

LinkedIn. The opposite of Facebook, LinkedIn is where you go to show off your professional side. Use it the right way and network with people in your industry to gain recommendations and determine your next career move.

^IfMine. Like the choices above, you can say a little or a lot and choose to make your ideas public, private or restricted to specific individuals. What makes this platform different is the evolution factor.

You can share an idea and each time you elaborate on it, you have the ability to Evolve it without deleting your initial thoughts. Any comments made on your idea will stay with each Evolution.

Ask people to join your team to help develop your idea further as a Collaborator. Or share your thoughts with a chosen Mentor and gain insight to assist in your success.

There’s no more searching through endless messages. All of your ideas and everyone’s comments stay within your project.

At ^IfMine, your work is always your own and you’re never limited to set amount of characters.

The choice is yours.

Sign up for ^IfMine today.

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5 Simple Ways to Help People Succeed

Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world. -Anonymous

2010-04-22Can you recall a specific event or time period in your life when someone reached out and motivated you to overcome an obstacle standing in your way? Think about what that person said or did and how it impacted your life. Where would you be today if that person didn’t stop and help you succeed? And how can you do the same for someone else?

Below are five simple ways to help people succeed:

1. Listen. The simple act of attentive listening is one of the most important things you can do for someone. Keep your opinions to yourself for a moment and allow the person to be heard.

2. Respond. When someone asks for an opinion, give an honest and helpful critique. We’ve all heard of the sandwich method: first compliment is good, followed by suggestions to improve and topped off with another nice compliment.

3. Collaborate. When working together is beneficial to both parties, success can be attained more efficiently as your strengths are brought into play. Teamwork is powerful, as long as everyone is listening attentively and giving helpful feedback.

4. Mentor. We could all use someone to help guide us on the right path. If you’re an expert in a particular field, use that as an advantage and motivate others with your knowledge.

5. Share. Unable to help? It’s time to seek advice from others. Or possibly, success has been reached and you want to share it with the world. Write about it, tweet it or simply, talk about it.

Have you helped someone succeed in life? Comment and share your story with us or continue assisting others at ^IfMine, a platform to voice your opinions and share ideas.

Photo Source: bgottsab (Flickr)

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