How to Get Started With ^IfMine

^IfMine is a revolutionary new way to create, manage and evolve your projects. We’ve made an application that puts you in control of the things you care most about in life: your goals, your passions, your projects.

Like other project management tools, ^IfMine is a one-stop place for people to collaborate on projects and turn ideas into successful endeavors. It’s also the latest innovative social network looking to create a community built upon professional mentorship and human interaction.

What makes us different? ^IfMine is the first to concentrate on refining the noise around your most sacred ideas. By adding Collaborators or Mentors to your projects and splicing out their comments from the rest, we create a data stream that brings you the most valuable feedback about your work.

Why chose ^IfMine? Because we are like you. The ^IfMine Team is made up of students, educators, business professionals and hobbyists. We all have ideas and know that constructive feedback is needed for success.

Join us.

We’re inviting you to partake in a unique opportunity to become an ^IfMine Beta Tester. Interested? Here’s how to sign up:

1. Visit the ^IfMine website.

2. Submit your email for beta testing.

3. When approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to register. Fill out the form to create your username and password.

4. After registration, go to your profile page and add a square photo of yourself.

5. And add your (short) biography.

Now, you’re ready to Explore projects, become a team Collaborator or Mentor, share your own project ideas and invite others to join ^IfMine.

Stay in touch with ^IfMine on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest.

*Post updated 11/6/12 due to website design changes.

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