^IfMine News & Updates

Being a new startup, ^IfMine is constantly evolving and becoming more user-friendly. I witnessed ^IfMine’s first-steps as it was released into private beta testing and shared your feedback to help make it a better place.

^IfMine is improving with every update and I’m excited to share what’s new:

  • You’re now able to see the number of Mentors, Collaborators and Followers next to each project and on user profile pages.
  • Project URLs include entry titles and name of project creator instead of a generic entry and number.
  • There’s a new “Click to Reply” link in the comment box. (You must be logged in to comment.)
  • If you’re a Collaborator or Mentor, you can easily remove yourself from a project.
  • “Entries” on your profile page has been changed to “Projects of Mine” and for public view, “Name’s Projects” (ex: “Danielle’s Projects”).
  • You’re no longer limited to only 8 project categories. This feature has been removed.
  • The Detailed Project Description length limitation has been lifted.
  • The front page footer has been added across all pages of ^IfMine.
  • And if you have any questions about ^IfMine, please refer to our new FAQ Page. You can always email me directly at danielle (at) ifmine (dot) com.

Is ^IfMine new to you? Sign up for our beta group and join our growing community.

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